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Market Commentary – Quarter 1 2018

Stock and bond valuations adjust. Although stocks currently look attractive relative to bonds, recent price movements (stocks up, bonds down) have combined to narrow the gap. We see this as a healthy development and are taking the opportunity to modestly reduce risk and trim our equity overweight. Continue Reading >>

Market Commentary – Quarter 3 2017

Emerging Markets have had a terrific year, and yet we still foresee continued support from strong fundamentals.  Recent changes in earnings estimates – point to the region as the one with the most potential. The dollar’s 2017 decline and recent rebound have dominated markets, but we prefer to avoid that volatility rather than predict where things go next.  That said, even simply maintaining our current U.S. dollar exposure can require portfolio changes. Continue Reading >>

Market Commentary – Quarter 2 2017

Equities currently look attractive on a relative basis. Although U.S. economic data disappointed in the first half of the year, the current consensus is that U.S. economic growth, and more broadly global economic growth, will accelerate over the course of the year. In addition, political risk has moderated somewhat. As a result, we continue to overweight risk assets. Continue Reading >>

Market Commentary – Quarter 1 2017

The recent surge in consumer and business confidence has been a tailwind for risk assets:  We are maintaining our overweight on global equities relative to bonds.  U.S. fiscal policy disappointment and the possible election of a populist president in France are key risks. Continue Reading >>

Market Commentary – Quarter 4 2016

The market continues to digest the potential impact of deregulation, fiscal stimulus, and tax code changes. Trend indicators suggest markets will predominantly continue their post-election direction with continued dollar strength. Despite the post-election rally, we believe equity and credit prices do not fully reflect their prospects under the new reflationary regime. In addition to potential regulatory and tax code changes, risk assets will most likely be supported by a virtuous cycle of consumer and business confidence. Continue Reading >>

Market Commentary – Quarter 3 2016
Equities and credit assets advanced broadly in the third quarter as investors grappled with a number of headlines surrounding the immediate aftermath of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union (“Brexit”) and heightened concern over central bank commitment to stimulus. During the quarter, emerging markets continued to outperform developed, while interest rates crept higher and credit spreads narrowed. Oil was lower despite rallying into the quarter end. Cyclical and globally-oriented sectors generally outperformed defensive and domestically-oriented sectors on the back of improving growth expectations. Continue Reading >>

Market Commentary – Quarter 3 2015
The third quarter of 2015 was not for the fainthearted, leaving many wondering whether or not the U.S. equities market has peaked. China’s economic slowdown triggered a stock sell-off in August and augmented uncertainty amid an already skittish market. After energy commodities enjoyed a brief stint of recovery in the second quarter, crude oil prices plummeted to new lows, sending a ripple effect through the markets. Risk of deflation in the eurozone coupled with anemic economic growth compounded the adverse effect of a strong dollar on profits overseas. Continue Reading >>

Drew Corradetti, CMT 
Chief Investment Officer
Oregon Pacific Wealth Management, LLC

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