Investment Management

Customized Strategies that can Help Grow and Protect Your Wealth

Our approach to investing is based on a core-satellite method of portfolio construction designed to minimize costs and volatility while providing an opportunity to outperform the broad stock market in both bull and bear markets. The core portion of our portfolios consists of blending active and passive investments across different asset classes to create a diversified global allocation designed to balance risk exposures. The selection and weight of these investments is based not only on their individual merit, but also on how they interact and balance each other within the portfolio. 

The satellite portion of our portfolios is comprised of actively managed strategies designed to generate risk premia through factor investing. There are two primary ways we achieve active risk, the first is factor timing, and the second is relative strength allowing us to tactically position the portfolio in response to market movements and related changes in relative values. This tactical approach provides a systematic disciplined way of over weighting asset classes or styles when they are in favor, and also incorporating cash when there is no better place to be.

Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies (TAA)

Our TAA investment strategies are designed to meet client goals by actively adapting to economic and market conditions. The strategies are designed to tactically allocate assets to the most attractive, risk adjusted asset classes, while avoiding the least attractive areas. We believe the most important part of investment management is deciding how much capital to allocate to each asset class and which asset classes to avoid.

Our investment philosophy is a truly diversified approach designed to capitalize on performance differences between asset classes or within asset classes, and that adapts to market and economic changes. TAA is a systematic, structured methodology that has the flexibility to tactically invest across a wide range of asset classes while also providing disciplined risk management. We can create a TAA strategy that meets your risk tolerance and/or needs, including:

  • TAA Conservative
  • TAA Moderate
  • TAA Growth
  • TAA Diversified Income